Sonoma Raceway believes that investing in our surrounding natural area not only preserves the heritage of historic “Sears Point Farm” where we are situated, but also cultivates a more prosperous future for the entire region and the planet as a whole.

Echoing the 2023 theme of Invest In Our Planet, today we are highlighting some of the great investments that Sonoma Raceway has been making to create a more sustainable and ecologically friendly environment:

We have hired a Hydrogeologist to study our groundwater and identify areas for new wells to maximize natural sources of water on our property. Additionally, we have invested in low-flow faucets for the restrooms at our grandstands to drastically reduce the water use by every patron at every event to minimize water waste.

Sonoma Raceway has nearly 1,700 solar panels on property, which offset 41% of the raceway's energy usage.

Honeybees have been given a home on our hillsides to build the pollinator population and we have invested in a local shepherd to have nearly 1,000 sheep to graze our landscape nine months out of the year. The sheep and over 100 cattle provide an environmentally sensitive moving practice to over 1,600 acres and create improved ecosystems for wildlife on the property.