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The Wednesday Night Drags season finale had all of the drama of a Hollywood movie script. In addition to the usual Wednesday night format, the evening featured a special race between each of the seven class champions, one of which who emerged as the overall Wednesday night champion.

Competing for the title were Novato's Bobby Grabrian (Street class), Santa Rosa's Tom Johnson (Jack Pot) Pacifica's Brian Kam (Comp Rod), Rodeo's Doug McCay (Sport Street), Novato's Doug Love (Motorcycle) and San Jose's Steve Jaslovsky Gear Jammer).

After two rounds of fierce competition, only Johnson and Love remained in the bracket. In the final, Love got the early start and was able to take the win when Johnson suffered mechanical problems right after leaving the starting line resulting in a disappointing loss.

Closing out the season with class victories were Cotati's Nick Bublitz (Jack Pot), Steve Jaslovsky (Gear Jammers), Hayward's Joe Sisk (Motorcycle), Cotati's Mitch Gately (Comp Rod), Pacheco's Bill Taggart Jr. (Sport Street), Bobby Grabrian (Street) and Benicia's Spencer Comer (High School).

But the 2016 Sonoma Raceway drag racing schedule isn't over yet as the Annual Thanksgiving holiday ET bracket race is scheduled for Sunday,  Nov. 27. Gates will open at 7 a.m. followed by time runs set for 8:30. First round of class elimination's scheduled for 1 p.m.

Listed are the final round pairing and results including all semi finalists.


Jack Pot

Winner: Nick Bublitz (Cotati) 01 Corvette .066 RT 13.15 ET (13.10 dial in)

98.69 mph

Runner-up: Don Waltenspiel (Santa Rosa) 91 GMC Syclone .076 RT 11.719

(11.60) 118.342

Semi finals: Dwayne Opperman (Napa) 67 Camaro


Gear Jammer

Winner: Steve Jaslovsky (San Jose) 12 Mustang .144 RT 12.319 (12.39) 109.69

runner-up: Tony Shatara (Santa Rosa) 14 Mustang .116 RT 11.791 break out

(11.95) 108.09

Semi finals: Fernando Preciado (American Canyon) 06 Pontiac GTO



Winner: Joe Sisk (Hayward) 08 Suzuki .057 RT 9.383 (9.40) 143.72

Runner-up: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph 022 RT 13.249 break out (13.28) 92.82\ Semi finals: Jim Higgins (Brentwood) 15 Yamaha Dustin Miller (Pacifica) 14 Harley


Comp Rod

Winner: Mitch Gately (Cotati) 64 Nova .096 RT 10.310 (10.28) 128.42

Runner-up: Don Glenn (Novato) 69 Nova  foul -.005 RT 12.073 (12.10) 106.04 Semi finals: Brian Kam (Pacifica) 02 Camaro


Sport Street

Winner: Bill Taggart Jr. (Pacheco) 97 Acura .015 RT 16.332 (16.35) 83.99

Runner-up: Doug McCay (Rodeo) 15 Ford F-150 .063 RT 12.994 break out (13.04)


Semi finals: Alyssa Ross (San Rafael) 12 Camaro



Winner: Bobby Grabrian (Novato) 14 Mustang .094 RT 12.427 (12.45) 106.44

Runner-up: Todd Prose (Forest Knolls) 05 Mustang .083 RT 13.012 break out

(13.04) 103.21

Semi finals: Brad Bowen (Novato) 94 Mustang GT Scott Sterley (San Rafael) 71 Camaro


High School

Winner: Spencer Cromer (Benicia) 05 Chevy Truck ..180 RT 17.061 (17.60)


Runner-up: Kyle Haun (Benicia) 99 Camaro .078 RT 12.977 break out (14.00)