Sonoma Raceway began its comprehensive recycling program in 2004 and since then, the facility has taken its green initiatives to new heights. Below is a snapshot of the raceway's Sustainable Performance Program.

  • Upcycling -  Sonoma Raceway partners with Sonoma-USA to upcycle raceway banners and signage. These materials will be diverted from the landfill and transformed into well-designed and useful products, which will be made locally in Sonoma. In addition, a portion of the proceeds made from the end product will be donated to Speedway Children's Charities.
  • Redwood decks and arbors - Sonoma Raceway and Humboldt Sawmill Company, the leader in environmentally-certified redwood decking, dimensional lumber, and timber products are pleased to bring shade and comfort to race fans with custom-built fan amenities including the "Real. Strong. Humboldt Sawmill Redwood Deck" above Turn 2, redwood-arbor covered private bar, and additional arbors in high-traffic areas.
  • Solar Energy - Sonoma Raceway is home to a major solar-electric-power-generating installation with a capacity of more than 350 kilowatts, along with a dual-sided, solar-powered LED display board along Highway 37. A total of 1,652 solar panels are installed at the raceway. The solar power produced by the new system provides for 41-percent of the raceway's energy usage.
  • Recycling - Since 2004, the track has recycled more than 604 tons of materials (1,209,162 pounds). It was recognized by the State of California Department Division of Recycling and works with Safety-Kleen during race weekends to recycle used oil products. During major event weekends, Sonoma Raceway will also partner with the Conservation Corps North Bay to collect more than five tons of material, including aluminum, glass, plastic and mixed material.
  • Mowing Green - Nearly 4,000 sheep that live on track property provide an invaluable service, helping to maintain the grasses and fire lanes around the facility. 
  • Novvi Engine Oil, Performing Green - Sonoma Raceway is increasing the use of Novvi Engine Oil, a high performance oil sourced from plant sugars. The oil is a drop-in replacement for traditional lubricating oils, but is also renewable. Novvi Oil provides enhanced performance while reducing the environmental impact.