To address the winter doldrums among American sports fans in the weeks leading up to NASCAR's Daytona 500, FOX is airing a football contest this Sunday involving teams from San Francisco and Kansas City.   The head honchos of Sonoma Raceway and Kansas Speedway are hoping to spark interest in the game via a small wager involving signature regional food products.

For his part, Steve Page, Sonoma Raceway president and general manager, is putting up a package of Boudin Sourdough, including a Kansas City team logo made entirely of their gourmet sourdough.  Kansas Speedway president Patrick Warren is countering the wager with a selection from local favorite Jack Stack's Barbecue.

"I've told the folks at Boudin they can take the day off Monday because our 49ers are going to be all over South Beach Sunday night celebrating the new hardware they'll be adding to their trophy case," said Page.  "We'll be loving us some KC barbecue around the Sonoma Raceway conference table."

Tune in to FOX this Sunday at 3:30 p.m. PT/6:30 p.m. ET to find out which team claims the championship and which track will feast on the spoils. Once the clock runs out on Sunday's game, the official countdown to the Daytona 500 begins. The NASCAR Cup Series season opener will be televised live on FOX on Sunday, Feb. 16.