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Media Credentials Request

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Individuals requesting a media credential should be currently working on assignment and must fully complete the online application form. Internet-only sites will be considered if they are original news content providers.

Enthusiast and fan websites, or those that cover one team or driver, may not be approved for a media credential.

All photographers must attend a mandatory photo meeting to receive a numbered photo vest. Meetings are held inside the Media Center in the mornings to review vantage points, safety rules, gate access and any event-related updates. Nobody is allowed entrance into the designated photo stations without an issued photo vest.

Please fill out media credential request form below:

If you submitted a letter of assignment above, you may simply type in "On Assignment" below. If no assignment, please submit a link to your portfolio showcasing relevant photos/videos that represent your work (racing/fan experience examples preferred) and explain the reason for your request.
Please limit your response to 500 characters.

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