Toyota/Save Mart 350 Camping

50 Acres Campground

Located just across Highway 121, 50 Acres is the largest campground on property with over 1,000 camp spaces. This campground is known for letting the good times roll, and includes the benefits of a free shuttle to the Sonoma Square, movies under the stars and all the fun you can handle! Imagine being able to camp just a short walk to your seats!

50 Acres Camping - $544.40

*Pricing includes 2 weekend passes.

Cougar Mountain Campground

Situated at the base of Cougar Mountain, this campground enjoys spectacular views of both the raceway and the San Francisco Bay. These 53 spaces offer a trackside camping experience at an affordable price.

Cougar Mtn. Camping - $606.00

*Pricing includes 2 weekend passes.

Trackside RV Terraces

Gear up for a truly Sonoma experience. The Trackside RV Terraces offer just over 150 spaces in eight rows overlooking  both the raceway and the rolling hills of Sonoma Valley.

RV Terrace A - $2800.00
RV Terrace B - $1660.00
RV Terrace C-CC - $1156.00

RV Terrace D-F - $1167.20
RV Terrace G - $904.00 

*Pricing includes 4 weekend passes.

Turn 8 Campground

Back by popular demand, these 29 spaces are truly trackside! In fact, you can’t park an RV any closer to a NASCAR Cup Series race track than our Turn 8 Campground. Positioned at the top-end of the track, you will be on top of the action coming out of Turn 7 as the cars mash the pedal through the Esses.

Turn 8 (Spaces 21-49 only) - $3360.00

*Pricing includes 4 weekend passes.

Carousel Campground

The Carousel Campground is Sonoma Raceway’s only infield camping experience. These 88 spaces enjoy views of the racing like none other on the property.

Spaces 1-24 - $1828.00 
Spaces 25-29 - $1525.60
Spaces 30-53 - $1368.80
Spaces 54-73 - $1044.00 
Spaces 74-88 - $1828.00 

*Pricing includes 4 weekend passes.

NASCAR Camping Information

Check-In Times:

  • Thursday, June 20 - Noon to 10 p.m.
  • Friday, June 21- 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Saturday, June 22 - 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Check-In Gates:

  • 50 Acres Campground - Gate 6
  • Cougar Mountain Campground - Gate 1
  • Trackside RV Terraces - Gate 1
  • Carousel Campground - Gate 1

For more information or to reserve your campsite, please contact the Sonoma Raceway ticketing department at (800) 870-7223.

All prices above include 12% Sonoma County Transient Occupancy Tax.