Unlike other raceways and stadiums, at Sonoma Raceway your tickets are checked as you drive into the facility before you park your car.  As you approach the raceway, please have your tickets ready and parking passes clearly displayed on your windshield.

Parking at the Raceway

Please review the different parking options listed below to determine the best gate to enter for admission.

FREE General Parking

For IndyCar, use Gate 7 on Sunday only for free parking. Use Gate 1 on Friday and Saturday for free general parking.

For other major events, enter Gates 6, 7 or 9.  Both Gates 6 and 7 are located on Highway 121.  Gate 9, open NASCAR Sunday only, is located on Lakeville Road.

Pre-Paid Tailgate Parking in Lots 12 and 13

Pre-paid Tailgate Parking is available for purchase until one week before the NASCAR and IndyCar event weekends.  Pre-paid parking passes guarantee space in Lots 12 or 13 close to the Turns 7 and 9 Terrace seats.  Please enter Gate 7 located on Highway 121 if you have purchased a tailgate parking pass.

Permit Parking

Permit Parking for the NASCAR and IndyCar events is reserved for competitors, sponsors and event staff.  For the NHRA event, a limited number of permits are available for purchase.  Guests with permits must enter Gate 1 located on Highway 121.


Enter Gate 1 and follow directions to motorcycle parking.

Guests with Disabilities

When you arrive at the raceway, please enter Gate 1 on Highway 121.  All disabled guest services are offered from the Gate 1 parking lots.  If you enter Gate 7 or Gate 9, you will be parked in remote lots and not provided the proper level of service for guests with disabilities.

Once at Gate 1, your tickets will be checked and you will be directed to one of two parking areas: the Lower or Upper Parking Lot.  The Lower Lot is reserved for guests in wheelchairs, while the Upper Lot is designated for all other guests with disabilities.

Buses/Oversized Vehicles

If you are arriving at the raceway for the day in a bus or other large vehicle, please enter Gate 1.  Sonoma Raceway representatives will escort you to available parking areas.

Drop Off/Taxi/Rideshare

If you are being dropped off at the raceway or arriving via taxi or rideshare app please enter Gate 6.  Follow signs to the drop-off and pick-up area on the right side of the Gate 6 entrance.

To preview or download the parking and shuttle map click here.

Shuttle Service

Sonoma Raceway offers a FREE shuttle service to and from parking and seating areas, and around the facility.  Shuttle routes are identified by color: blue, red, yellow and purple.

After you park your car, you will be greeted by Track Ambassadors.  The ambassadors will give you a parking lot identification card.  The I.D. card will identify your parking lot and let you know which shuttle route to take to get back to your car.

To preview or download the parking and shuttle map click here.