Dear race fans:

As many of you know, we will no longer be called Infineon Raceway beginning Friday, June 1.

To answer some of your most pressing questions, we sat down with raceway President & General Manager Steve Page to provide some insight about what the name change means for our fans.

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I understand you will no longer be called Infineon Raceway as of June 1. Why is this happening and what does it mean for the raceway?
Our 10-year naming-rights sponsorship with Infineon Technologies ends in June.  Under the terms of our contract, the name Infineon will be removed from signs, brochures and any other materials identifying the raceway. We are very grateful for Infineon's investment in the raceway, which, among other things, helped make possible the dramatic facility transformation we unveiled nearly a decade ago.

Will this change affect my experience at the raceway in any way when I attend events there during the 2012 season?
Not in any way.  The management of the raceway has not changed, nor has our commitment to provide you with the best possible experience every time you are our guest at our facility.

What will you be calling the raceway as of June 1?
For the next few months we will simply be identified by our location, "Sonoma." We will not have a formal name. We will formally re-brand the facility before the end of this year, whether with a new company or otherwise, with a major announcement, new logo, promotions and merchandise.  However, since this current change is happening in the middle of race season, our immediate focus is to produce a series of terrific events and continue providing you with the most diverse menu of racing of any facility in America. 

Where can I find you on the web?
You can now find our website at  In terms of social networking, we will be at (change coming soon!), on Twitter @racesonoma and YouTube at Race Sonoma.  Our phone number remains 800-870-RACE (7223).

Thank you,
Steve Page
President and General Manager