By Jim McCombe

More than 150 Northern California drag racers convened on the Infineon Raceway drag strip, March 30, for the Wednesday Night Drags. The warmer weather, which registered in the low 80’s, set a perfect backdrop for some exciting racing on the quarter-mile drag strip

The big winners were Mike Mitchell (St. Helena) in Jackpot; Doug Love (Novato) in Motorcycle; Hank Raney (Concord) in Comp Rod; Justin Flanagan (Napa) in High School; and first-time winners Jeff Parsons (San Jose) in Sport Street followed by Cristian Ventura (Santa Rosa), who dominated the Street class.

Drag racing returns next Wednesday night, April 6, with the kick-off of the Top the Cop™ program. The Top the Cops™ program, which enters its 17th season, offers an alternative to illegal street racing and gives teens the chance to race against law enforcement officers, who compete in full uniform in their official vehicles.

A two-day Summit ET Bracket Drag Racing Series race weekend is also set for April 9-10.

For more information on these events, visit or call the drag race hot line at 800-870-7223 ext. 209

All Wednesday night drag racing as well as the entire Summit ET Bracket Drag Racing Series events can be seen live via the internet at Be sure to log on to watch all the exciting drag racing action in Sonoma.

Below are the final round pairings and results:

Jack Pot
Winner: Mike Mitchell (St. Helena) 72 Vega .008 RT 10.88 ET (10.92 dial-in) 116.68 mph
Runner-up: Lisa Caldwell (American Canyon) 73 Dart .082 RT 10.180 break out (10.22) 127.74
Semi Finals: Ken Briggs (Napa) 70 Plymouth Roadrunner

Winner: Doug Love (Novato) 02 Triumph .039 RT 13.232 (13.10) 90.76
Runner-up: Jim Higgins (Pleasant Hill) 05 Suzuki .367 RT 10.764 (10.40) 134.42
Semi Finals: Peter Onopoko (Concord) 94 Harley and Jermaine Boddie (Fairfield) 06 Harley

Comp Rod
Winner: Hank Raney (Concord) 56 Chevy .035 RT 12.053 (11.98) 102.52
Runner-up: Dwayne Opperman (Napa) 10 Camaro .090 RT 12.031 (11.74) 115.83
Semi Finals: Steve Cassatt (Sonoma) 72 Vega

High School
Winner: Justin Flanagan (Napa) 75 Chevy Truck .035 RT 17.925 (16.85) 42.61
Runner-up: Alex Sahyoun (Redwood City) 08 BMW .393 RT 16.851 (13.78) 96.30
Semi Finals: Chelsea Murdock (Napa) 57 Chevy Truck

Sport Street
Winner: Jeffery Parsons (San Jose) 91 Honda .185 RT 19.298 (19.30) 69.89
Runner-up: Amanda Ferguson (Fremont) 05 Neon .110 RT 17.534 break out (17.60) 77.85
Semi Finals: Jacques Schyoun (Redwood City) 05 BMW and Jason Frantz (Concord) 97 Volvo

Winner: Cristian Ventura (Santa Rosa) 00 Camaro .083 RT 12.755 (12.80) 109.00
Runner-up: Kevin D'Adamo (Napa) 09 Pontiac foul -.003 RT 13.317 (13.23) 104.64
Semi Finals: Elizabeth Glenn (Petaluma) 70 Nova