Nearly 100 Northern California drag racers convened at Sonoma Raceway for the season kickoff of the Wednesday Night Drags program, March 5.

The popular program, which celebrates its 26th anniversary in 2014, consists of drag racing competition in seven different classes: Sport Street, Street, Gear Jammer, Comp Rod, High School, Jackpot and Motorcycle.

Winners from Wednesday's event include: Sonoma's Cody Oaks (Sport Street); Napa's Kevin D'Adamo (Street); Oakland's Jose Diren (Gear Jammer); Pacifica's Brian Kam (Comp Rod); Napa's Gerardo Garcia (High School); and Novato's Alfredo Escandor (Motorcycle). Jackpot class was not ran due to lack of entries. A complete list of results can be found below.

The Wednesday Night Drags will return to the Sonoma Valley drag strip Wednesday, March 19. The event will take place alongside the Sonoma Drift program, which runs behind the grandstand in the main paddock.

For more information on either program, call (800) 870-7223 or visit


Winner: Alfredo Escandor (Novato) 96 Harley .310 RT 13.531 ET (13.30 dial in) 100.38

Gear Jammers
Winner: Jose Diren (Oakland) 96 Camaro .265 RT 14.862 (14.60) 101.40
Runner-up: Andres Cantera (Napa) 04 VW .441 RT 16.114 (16.00) 89.93
Semi Finals: Mauro Gutierrez (Bay Point) 13 Mustang

High School
Winner: Gerardo Garcia (Napa) 94 Acura .331 RT 15.832 (15.90) 90.1
Runner-up: Givino Rossini (Sonoma) 01 BMW .804 RT 16.085 break out (16.39) 88.47
Semi Finals: Zac Machek (Walnut Creek) 05 Mustang
Shelby Udoux (Fairfield) 08 BMW

Sport Street
Winner: Cody Oaks (Sonoma) 98 Dodge Ram .062 RT 16.942 (16.97) 76.01
Runner-up: Steve Del Buono Jr. (Vallejo) 08 Nissan foul -.083 RT 15.711 (15.90) 88.85
Semi Finals: Joshua Zee (Pinole) 93 Nissan
Melvin Garcia (Richmond) 04 Honda

Winner: Kevin D'Adamo (Napa) 09 Pontiac .011 RT 11.712 (11.74) 116.18
Runner-up: Bobby Grabrian (Novato) 07 Mustang .044 RT 13.390 break out (13.43) 102.65
Semi Finals: Brad Bowen (Novato) 94 Mustang
Chris Burton (Richmond) 08 Charger

Comp Rod
Winner: Brian Kam (Pacifica) 98 Camaro .066 RT 12.596 (12.60) 107.77
Runner-up: Don Waltenspiel (Santa Rosa) 92 GMC Syclone .165 RT 12.256 break out (12.30) 113.52
Semi Finals: Eric Koker (San Leandro) 98 Pontiac T/A
Trenten Fleischmann (Santa Rosa) 72 Ford