Wednesday Night Drags Results, June 11.


More than 120 Northern California drag racers convened on the Sonoma Raceway drag strip, June 11, for the Wednesday Night Drags.


The Wednesday Night Drags program, which is in its 26th year, gives drag racers the opportunity to drag race on Sonoma Raceway's world-famous quarter-mile drag strip. The objective of the program is to give people, from teen-agers to working professionals, a safe, legal and controlled environment in which to race their vehicles, as opposed to using city streets or back-county roads.


Racing is featured in seven classes. Timed runs begin at 4 p.m. with racing spanning from 5-10 p.m. anyone with a driver's license can compete, providing their vehicle or motorcycle passes a simple technical inspection.


Class winner included Santa Rosa's Craig Love (Gear Jammer); Novato's Doug Love (Motorcycle); St. Helena's Mike Mitchell (Comp Rod); Newark's Rick McIlmoil (Sport Street); Napa's Dwayne Opperman(Street); and Fairfield's Shelby LeDoux (High School).


In the Top The Cops show down. Fremont Police Officer Lan Tran gained the win over Windsor High student Erica Luzaich for the class title.


The Wednesday Night Drags will resume on June 25. For more information, visit or call 800-870-RACE (7223).




High School

Winner: Shelby LeDoux (Fairfield) 08 BMW .533 RT 14.056 ET (14.00 dial

in) 99.03 mph

Runner-up: Zac Machek (Walnut Creek) .222 RT 15.276 break out (15.45) 90.27 Semi Finals: Anthony Fazzare (Vacaville) 96 Honda

Top The Cops

Winner: Officer Lan Tran (Fremont PD) 13 Chevy Tahoe .214 RT

Runner-up: Erica Luzaich (Windsor HS) 05 Infinity G35 .012 RT 17.419

(15.39) 90.27


Gear Jammers

Winner: Craig Love (Santa Rosa) 93 Mustang .058 RT 12.400  (11.88 dial

in) 98.55

Runner-up: Ben Keener (Napa) 79 Corvette .095 RT 14.914 (14.10) 93.66 Semi Finals: Barrie Beffa (Santa Rosa) 93 Mustang Rolando Ayala (Hayward) 02 Mustang



Winner: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph .006 RT 13.160 (13.18) 92.70

Runner-up: Matt Brians (Petaluma) 06 GSXR Suzuki .235 RT 11.774 break out (12.00) 120.47 Semi Finals: Alfredo Escandon (Novato) 96 Harley


Comp Rod

Winner: Mike Mitchell (St. Helena) 72 Vega Panel .043 RT 10.449 (10.39) 115.39

Runner-up: Brian Kam (Pacifica) 98 Camaro .129 RT 12.518 break out

(12.56) 109.56

Semi Finals: James Ernest (Napa) 71 Monte Carlo


Sport Street

Winner: Rick McIllmoil (Newark) 90 Toyota .119 RT 13.777 (13.28) 82.96

Runner-up: Thomas Moran (San Francisco) 14 VW GTI .371 RT 15.693 (15.30) 90.97 Semi Finals: Doug McCay (Rodeo) 12 Ford F150 Melvin Garcia (Richmond) 09 Honda Accord



Winner: Dwayne Opperman (Napa) 67 Camaro .041 RT 12.084 (12.08) 105.49

Runner-up: Kevin D'Adamo (Napa) 09 Pontiac GT .098 RT 11.731 (11.73) 114.86 Semi Finals: Charles Roberts Sr. (Oakland) 65 Ford Falcon Charles Roberts Jr. (Oakland) 66 Mustang