Getting to the Raceway

Sonoma Raceway is located at 29355 Arnold Drive in Sonoma, CA just north of the intersection of Highways 37 and 121. 

Please refer to the Parking and Shuttles map for information on the best gate to enter for admission.

Alternate Routes

When you are planning your route to the raceway, consider alternate routes to avoid congestion on westbound Highway 37 from Vallejo and southbound Highway 121 from Sonoma and Napa.  Both Highways 37 and 121 are single-lane roads in each direction and can quickly back up during race weekends.

Traveling to the raceway from the East or South Bay

An alternate route from the East or South Bay, from I-80, is to travel on I-580 across the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge to Highway 101.  Travel north on Highway 101 to eastbound Highway 37.  From eastbound Highway 37 you can access Gate 9 (NASCAR Sunday only) on Lakeville Road and Gates 1, 6 and 7 on northbound Highway 121.

Traveling to the raceway from Sonoma or Napa

An alternate route from Sonoma or Napa, from Highway 12 or Arnold Drive, is to use Highway 116 toward Petaluma.  Travel west on Highway 116 to Lakeville Road.  From southbound Lakeville Road you can enter Gate 9 (NASCAR Sunday only) or Gates 1, 6 and 7 by making a left on eastbound Highway 37 to Highway 121.

Smartphone Apps like Waze and Google Maps can be helpful in determining the best route to Sonoma Raceway.

Leaving the Raceway

At the end of the day on major event weekends, raceway traffic can quickly crowd and overwhelm local highways. Raceway officials are positioned in key locations throughout the facility and are in communication with the California Highway Patrol to help direct traffic.  Vehicles exiting the raceway may be directed to the quickest and least crowded exit gate and highway.  That may mean you will be directed to exit Gate 8 taking you in an unfamiliar directions.

If you are directed out of Gate 8, this exit merges directly onto westbound Highway 37 toward Highway 101.  To reach cities east or north of the raceway, please review the following options.


U-Turn at Lakeville Road

From Gate 8, merge onto Highway 37.  The next intersection and stoplight is Lakeville Road.  Keep left and enter the left turn lane.  From there you can make a u-turn to travel eastbound on Highway 37 toward Vallejo, Fairfield and Sacramento.

Please note, making a u-turn at Lakeville Road will turn you around in the "right" direction, but traffic will be moving very slow on eastbound Highway 37.  Please consider taking Highway 101 to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.  Directions are listed below.

Highway 37 to 101 to 580 to 80

  • Gate 8 merges onto westbound Highway 37
  • Travel six miles until you reach Highway 101
  • Stay left, merge onto Highway 101 southbound towards San Francisco
  • Travel 11 miles and merge onto I-580 (Richmond/San Rafael Bridge) towards Oakland
  • Travel 13 miles until you reach I-80


  • Gate 8 merges onto westbound Highway 37
  • Travel on Highway 37 westbound until you reach Lakeville Road
  • Make a right onto Lakeville Road
  • Travel 7.5 miles until you reach Highway 116 toward Sonoma
  • Make a right onto Highway 116