Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I be at the pickup location?
The bus pulls into the designated pickup locations generally around 7:00AM and departs promptly at 7:30AM. Some locations depart at 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM. To ensure an on-time departure, you should check your ticket for the departure time and plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early before departure.

Where do I pick up my tickets?
Vouchers for Ride the Bus will be mailed to you along with your tickets for the event.

Where will the buses park?
We will be parking the buses between Turn 9 terrace and Turn 7 terrace, in the bus parking area of the parking lot.

What can I bring on the bus?
Passengers are encouraged to bring any or all of the following items: neck pillows, MP3 players with earphones, ear plugs, eye shades, and foam ear plugs. Food and drink is permitted to bring onboard, but please no alcohol.

How long will it take to get to the track?
Depending upon your pickup location and assuming clear road conditions, the trip usually takes about 1 - 3 hours, longer if there is heavy traffic.

Can I purchase tickets at the pickup site?
To ensure seats are available for all ticketed passengers, tickets can only be purchased online. No walk up sales are permitted.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
Email your questions to or call us at 855-GO-FANBUS.

Are these tickets refundable?
No, they are not refundable.

Are there any stops on the way?
The plan is a direct route, but if there is a low turnout for one location, we may route to pick up at another location on the way.

Can I bring a cooler?
You may bring a cooler, however you cannot leave any items on the bus as you may not be on the same bus going back to your pickup location.

Can my child go by themselves?
No child under 16 will be allowed to travel without a guardian over the age of 18. Children under 18 needs to have a parent sign a waiver. Please send us an email and we will forward the waiver to you.

Will there be anybody in charge of the buses on race day if I have any problems or questions?  
SportsFanExpress will have Station Captains for each pickup location to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Can we pay cash at the pick up location?
Tickets for SportsFanExpress are only available for purchase in advance through the ticketing website. No cash purchases will be allowed at the pick up location.