By Jim McCombe

The popular Top the Cops™ program returned to the STP Wednesday Night Drags, April 6, marking the beginning of the program’s 17th season. This unique program allows area high school students the chance to race against uniformed police officers in their patrol cars in a safe and controlled environment.

The police officers dominated the evenings racing, taking six out of eight races paced by Sonoma County Sheriff's Officer, Todd Lands, who recorded the best reaction time at .044 seconds.

In other action, Santa Rosa's Tom Johnson, along with crew chief Craig Hartquist, got back on track and took their Big Johnson's Automotive 70 Camaro to another win in the Jack Pot class. Novato's Doug Love also nabbed back-to-back with a win in the Motorcycle class.

Napa’s Justin Flanagan earned the High School trophy, while three new faces made their way to the Winner’s Circle including NHRA Stock Eliminator competitor Jerry Stein of Brentwood (Comp Rod), Rubicel Quintero of Modesto (Street) and Concord's Jason Frantz, who topped the 27 car field in Sport Street.

STP Wednesday Night Drags racing returns next week, April 13, along with a Sonoma Drift exhibition, which will take place in the main paddock. Gates open at 3:30 p.m. For more information, visit or call 800-870-RACE (7223).

Summit ET Bracket Drags This Weekend
Racing resumes this weekend, April 9-10, featuring two days of Summit ET Bracket Drag that will include the Super Pro, Pro ET, Sportsman, Motorcycle and High School classes.

Also featured both days will be the exciting Nor Cal Top Comp Association and the West Coast Top Sportsman Association, along with the West Coast Super Comp and Super Gas Associations.

The West Coast Pro Gas organization will hold the qualifying on Saturday followed by final eliminations on Sunday. The Trophy class will be run both days and is open to everyone.

Gates open at 7 a.m. followed by timed runs and qualifying at 8:15 a.m.  and eliminations beginning at 12:30 p.m.  Please do not start any engines prior to 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. due to local noise ordinances.

Tune in to the track broadcast on 87.9 FM which airs beginning at 8 a.m.  The event will be also be carried live over the Internet complete with video and audio on beginning at 8 a.m. each day.

Below are the complete results from the STP Wednesday Night Drags:

Top the Cops
Winner: Officer Dan Risley (Napa PD) 08 Ford .051 RT 16.491 ET (16.55 dial in) 83.88 mph
Runner-up: Marko Perivolaris (Petaluma) 94 Camaro .181 RT 13.601 break out (13.67) 99.86

Winner: Officer Greg Devore (Sebastopol PD) 01 Ford .236 RT 16.590 (16.47) 83.63
Runner-up: Chelsea Murdock (Napa) 57 Chevy truck foul -.030 RT 13.285 (13.01) 99.27

Winner: Deputy Todd Lands (Sonoma Co. Sheriff's Office) 10 Ford .044 RT 16.500 (16.49) 82.46
Runner-up: Justin Flanagan (Napa) 79 Chevy Truck foul -.047 RT 17.832 (17.75) 71.03

Winner: Jose Alfaro (Santa Rosa) 011 WRX .271 RT 14.047 (13.90) 97.26
Runner-up: Officer Rob Marin (Fairfield PD) 02 Ford foul -.267 RT 16.468 (16.20) 84.58

Winner: Lacy Alfaro (Santa Rosa) 09 WRX -.026 RT 14.682 (14.00) 93.51
Runner-up: Officer Gail Hill (Fairfield PD) 01 Ford foul -.036 RT 16.594 (16.62) 83.06

Winner: Officer Jaret Paulson (CHP) 08 Ford .127 RT 17.002 (16.80) 74.51
Runner-up: Sara Woodman (Windsor) 07 VW .435 RT 17.111 (17.00) 83.30

Winner: Officer Rob Hill (Novato PD 07 Ford .631 RT 17.466 (16.70) 82.68
Runner-up: Martin Esparza (Dixon) 00 VW foul -.490 RT 18.892 (17.48) 73.66

Jack Pot
Winner: Tom Johnson (Santa Rosa) 70 Camaro .036 RT 9.657 (9.61) 133.42
Runner-up: John Murphy (Yountville) 55 Chevy .020 RT 10.547 (10.47) 124.01

Semi Finals
Bill Taggart Jr. (Pacheco) 87 Ford Tempo
John Victorino (Novato) 72 Datsun

Winner: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph .031 RT 13.276 (13.28) 94.60
Runner-up: Craig Wendt (Rohnert Park) 84 HD .137 RT 11.061 break out (11.10) 114.66
Semi Finals: Raymond McNamara (Petaluma) 07 HD

High School
Winner: Justin Flanagan (Napa) 78 Chevy Truck .030 RT 17.685 (17.50) 73.75
Runner-up: Marlo Pentolaris (Petaluma) 94 Camaro .268 RT 13.546 break out (13.60) 98.96
Semi Finals: Chelsea Murdock (Napa) 57 Chevy Truck

Comp Rod
Winner: Jerry Stein (Brentwood) 69 Dodge Dart .058 RT 11.099 (11.08) 116.91
Runner-up: Matt Brians (Petaluma) 68 Camaro .068 RT 10.597 break out (10.62) 118.86
Semi Finals: Stephen Cassatt (Sonoma) 72 Vega

Sport Street
Winner: Jason Frantz (Concord) 97 Volvo .009 RT 14.337 (14.30) 95.47
Runner-up: Lacey Alfaro (Santa Rosa) 09 WRX .132 RT 14.276 break out (14.40) 95.76

Semi Finals
Anthony Feeley (Rohnert Park) 02 Ford
Lewis Onluela (Vallejo) 07 Honda

Winner: Rubicel Quintero (Modesto) 05 Nissan .001 RT 15.728 (15.65) 84.91
Runner-up: Mike Gervais (Guerneville) 67 Camaro .114 RT 11.927 (11.72) 115.57

Semi Finals
Brian Kam (Pacifica) 98 Camaro
Kevin D'Adamo (Napa) 09 Pontiac