Sonoma Raceway completed the renovation of its quarter-mile drag strip this week, setting the stage for a full season of drag racing on the high-speed circuit.

Last week, the asphalt on the second half of the drag strip was removed and the 720-foot stretch was paved over 12" cement treated soil with two one-and-a-half inch layers of high-grade asphalt. A new drainage system was also installed around the drag strip, both above and below ground, to redirect water away from the racing surface. The track will be striped with paint early next week and then prepared with industry-standard VHT traction compound, which is used to give a drag strip its sticky surface.

The 27th season of the popular Wednesday Night Drags program kicks off on the drag strip next Wednesday, March 18. Wednesday Night Drags are open to anyone with a driver's license and a car that passes a simple technical inspection. The first high-speed test of the new racing surface will come on April 4, when the 200 mph dragsters of the Summit ET Bracket Drags Racing Series return for the fifth race of the season.

For more information about the Wednesday Night Drags and how to take your vehicle on the track, visit or call 800-870-RACE (7223).