By Jim McCombe

More than 250 competitors were on hand for the 2013 Summit ET Bracket Drags season closer at Sonoma Raceway, Dec. 1. With temperatures near the 70 degree mark, track conditions were picture perfect. Winners from each class include: Steve Wellman (Super Pro), Steve Caldwell (Pro ET), Scott Sterley (Sportsman), Doug Love (Motorcycle), Glenn Kern (Super Comp) and Chris Burton (Trophy).

The 2014 drag race season will get underway with the first Bracket Drags event set for Sunday, Jan. 5. All drag racing events will be aired live on, with the exception of the NHRA Sonoma Nationals. The complete drag strip schedule can be found HERE, as well as rules and information about bracket drag racing at Sonoma Raceway. Please call the Drag Race Hotline at 1-800-7223 Ext. 209 for more information and events are weather permitting.

Sonoma Raceway would like to extend our gratitude for the support of our drag racing program throughout the year and our best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and your families. Listed below are the detailed final round results for each of the six contested classes.

Listed below are the detailed final round results for each of the six contested classes.

Super Pro
Winner: Steve Wellman (Petaluma) 63 Nova .030 RT 10.079 ET (10.06 dial in) 129.52 mph

Runner-up: Mike Brundage (Cameron Park) 01 Sarmento) .033 RT 8.181 (8.16) 160.21

Semi Finals: John Victorino (Novato) 73 260Z Datsun

Sean Eling (Rohnert Park) 92 Corvette


Pro ET
Winner: Steve Caldwell (American Canyon) 72 Ventura .033 RT 10.133 (10.13) 128.16

Runner-up: Willie Woo (Moraga) 84 Corvette .052 RT 10.279 (10.26) 130.51

Semi Finals: John Terry (Rodeo) 70 Nova


Winner: Scott Sterley (San Rafael) 71 Camaro .064 RT 12.328 (12.00) 88.01

Runner-up: Bob Choisser (Vacaville) 73 Vega Wagon  foul -.010 RT 12.429 (12.61) 112.61

Semi Finals: Roger Phillips (Modesto) 69 Nova


Winner: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph .073 RT 12.845 (12.80) 102.38

Runner-up: Jim Young (Citrus Heights) 03 HD V Rod  foul -.134 RT 9.711 (9.50) 133.04

Semi Finals: Randy Monte (Petaluma) 96 Buell

Low Qualifier: Randy Monte 0.009 RT


Super Comp (8.90 index)
Winner: Glenn Kern (Modesto) 99 Yancer .005 RT 8.922 162.61

Runner-up: Rick Mangili (Stockton) 02 Spitzer .015 RT 8.952 174.80

Semi Finals: Bob Hefley (Napa) 02 Corvette

Low Qualifier: Adam Liberatore (Palo Alto) 91 Fry 8.916


Winner: Chris Burton (Richmond) 08 Charger .031 RT 14.176  98.06

Runner-up: Robert Bromell (Redwood City) 64 Dodge Truck foul -.025 RT 14.403 94.16

Semi Finals: N/A