The raceway in Sonoma has reaffirmed its position as an industry leader in recycling, collecting nearly 11,000 pounds of materials during the Toyota/Save Mart 350 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event, June 22-24.

The raceway partnered with the Conservation Corps North Bay to collect more than five tons of material throughout the race weekend, including aluminum, glass, plastic and mixed material. The raceway has collected more than 272 tons of materials (545,745 pounds) since the inception of its recycling program in 2004.

“One of the most obvious and effective steps we can take in maintaining a sustainable business operation is to ensure the tremendous volume of packaging and other materials that come through this facility find their way into the recycling stream,” said Steve Page, raceway president and general manager. “We don’t get 100-percent, but that’s our goal, and we’re pushing hard.”

Below is a breakdown of the recycling totals from the NASCAR race weekend:

  • Aluminum: 2,009.5 pounds
  • Glass: 5,623 pounds
  • Plastic: 2,434 pounds
  • Mixed material: 864 pounds

In addition, the raceway partners with NASCAR on the Green Clean Air program, which is designed to help capture the carbon emissions produced by racing. NASCAR will donate a minimum of 50 trees following this year’s Toyota/Save Mart 350 event.

Through a partnership with Safety-Kleen, the raceway also recycled 750 gallons of oil, 30 gallons of oil filters and another 110 gallons of miscellaneous contaminants during the NASCAR race weekend. Safety-Kleen, a leading provider of environmental services, oil re-refining and responsible cleaning solutions, facilitates recycling year-round at the Sonoma Valley facility.

The raceway’s recycling efforts are part of its larger Accelerating Sustainable Performance program. By featuring elements including a 1,700 panel Panasonic solar installation at the raceway to electric motorcycles zooming around the circuit, the raceway has continued to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice performance for sustainability. In addition, the raceway will host the second annual Accelerating Sustainable Performance Summit on Sept. 7; bringing together industry leaders from sports, engineering, technology, business and government sectors.

 For more information about the raceway’s sustainability efforts, visit  You can also follow the program on at or on Twitter @SustainableRace.