Need assistance?  Have a question?  Send a text to 69050.  Text FYI (space) your MESSAGE (space) and your LOCATION to 69050.


Permanent ATMs are located at the Raceway Café and behind Section A of the Main Grandstand.  During the NASCAR and IndyCar® events additional ATMs are located at other areas behind the Main Grandstand and terrace seats.  At the NHRA event, additional ATMs can be found behind the Tower Reserved Grandstand.  Please refer to the event Fan Guide when you arrive at the raceway for exact locations.

Automobile Assistance

Tow trucks are on-site during race weekends to provide assistance with lockouts and dead batteries.  Please stop by Guest Services, located at Gate 1, for assistance or text 69050 (see the texting information above).

Exit & Re-Entry

If you leave the raceway and plan to return the same day, you must have a hand stamp and event tickets to re-enter.  As you exit the raceway, a sign at the ticket gates will direct you to stop for a hand stamp.

First Aid

Injured guests can visit First Aid stations during the NASCAR, NHRA and IndyCar® events.  Please refer to the event Fan Guide when you arrive at the raceway for locations and hours of operation.

Lost Children

Parents or guardians looking for lost children should contact a raceway representative immediately.  Please remain with the raceway representative while security and Sonoma County Sheriff officers locate your child.  LOST CHILD TIP!  Take a picture of your children each morning of the race.  Recent photos and a description of what your child is wearing will help us locate your child as quickly as possible.


Lost & Found

Found items are taken to Guest Services located at Gate 1.  Items are kept at Guest Services until the conclusion of the event weekend.  The Sonoma Raceway Main Office (800-870-RACE) handles all unclaimed items beginning the next business day.

Ticket Information, Guest Services

Ticket Information and assistance with ticket-related issues is available at Guest Services located at Gate 1.  Sonoma Raceway ticket representatives will be happy to answer any questions, as well as provide ticket information on upcoming events.  Guest Services hours are 7 a.m. to one hour after the conclusion of racing.  Ticketing information is also available at the Ticket Pit Stop, located behind Section D of the Main Grandstand, and at Ticket Upgrade Booths.  Please refer to the event Fan Guide when you arrive at the raceway for Ticket Upgrade Booth locations and hours of operation.

Ticket Pit Stop, Event Information

When you arrive at the raceway, be sure to visit the Ticket Pit Stop.  Located in the vendor midway behind Section D of the Main Grandstand, the Ticket Pit Stop is your place to:

  • Pick-up daily schedules and track maps
  • Meet your account representative
  • Renew your ticket package and camping space
  • Get information on Speedway Children's Charities, the charitable arm of Sonoma Raceway