Infineon Raceway will launch a number of new initiatives for its weekly Drags and Drift program for 2012, all designed to enhance the experience for competitors and spectators alike.

For the STP Wednesday Night Drags, there are plenty of exciting elements, all set to begin this Wednesday, April 11:

  • Competitors will receive $5 off their entry fee the second Wednesday of each month.
  • A punch card will be available to drag racers. Each week, racers will have their cards punched; once punched nine times, the 10th visit to the drag strip will be free.
  • The raceway will introduce a points system for those in the following classes: Comp Rod, Sport Street, Street, High School and Gear Jammers. Weekly points will be kept with competitors vying for midseason and end-of-year prizes, including a 2013 season pass to the STP Wednesday Night Drags.

Sonoma Drift, Powered by NOS will also see changes, including a punch card identical to the STP Wednesday Night Drags. Once punched nine times, drifters will get free admission on their 10th visit to the raceway. Racers who fill out the back of the punch card will be entered to win a grand prize.

Also, it will be a special night on April 11 as the NOS girls will be on hand with samples of their regular and sugar-free flavors. Formula D competitor Ryan Kado is also confirmed to compete on April 11; look for announcements on other pros who will make appearances during the 2012 Sonoma Drift Powered by NOS season.

Many of the enhancements were designed with the economy in mind. Raceway officials understand these are still difficult times and they hope these new elements help competitors and spectators continue to call Infineon Raceway home on Wednesday nights for Drags and Drift. For more information, visit or

This marks the 24th consecutive year for the popular STP Wednesday Night Drags. This program gives people a safe, legal and controlled environment in which to drag race their vehicles, as opposed to using city streets or back-county roads. Anyone with a driver's license and a car that passes a simple technical inspection is invited to race on the world-famous Sonoma Valley drag strip - it's the same racing surface used by the world's fastest drag racers of the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series.

Sonoma Drift, Powered by NOS enters its second year at Infineon Raceway and runs most Wednesday nights in the paddock behind the main grandstand. Drifting is a high-skill form of motor sport that requires drivers to control their car while it slides sideways at high speeds through a marked course. Drivers are judged on execution and style rather than who finishes the course fastest. Entries have included everything from Nissans to American-made muscle cars. All cars must pass a simple technical inspection before racers can compete.