6-Jan - Bristol Road Trip - Trip for two to NASCAR at Bristol Motor Speedway. Includes tickets, airfare and hotel. (x1)

Winner: Phil Gumm

7-Jan - Sonoma Raceway Hot Lap - One pair of hot laps at Toyota/Save Mart 350 -OR- GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma. (x6)

Winners: Leonard Rabe, Dennis Paulson, Ron Cannell, Pam Ciarletta, 
Michael Millner, J.J. Johnston

8-Jan - NHRA Backstage Pass - Backstage access during driver introductions at the NHRA Sonoma Nationals. (x10)

Winners: Jason Spease, Wade Hansen, Edward Parker, Sharilyn Vargas, 
Brad Reichenberg, Andrea Dinapoli, Tami Campbell,
Cris Lemley, Erik Holm, Jeff Carter 

9-Jan - Great Clips - Free haircuts from Great Clips. (x25)

Winners: David Kirk, Vernon Vincent, Darryl Shields, Ron Massei, Earl Whetstone
Larry Suddjian, Wendy Schied, Bill Guton, David Grech, Julie Barone
Dan Deforest, Leroy Biggers, Karen Dockings, Chris Vicens, Jamie Galvan
Ron Cancilla, Valeria Scoggin, Steve Gould, Mike Williams, Jim Sims, 
Katherine Vanderpoool, Jim Lewan, Theresa Lim, Luciano Folena

10-Jan - VIP Parking - VIP parking passes for NASCAR, NHRA, or INDYCAR weekend. (x10)

Winners: Howard Borgeson, Al Foster, James Naples, Kim Smith, Laurie Drew,
Darrin Ployhar, Kathleen Hines, Joe Cone, Ken Sisney, Patrick Louie

11-Jan - Sears Point Grill Gift Card - $20 Gift Card to the Sears Point Grill. Available for any major event weekend. (x40)

Winners: Click Here For Winners

12-Jan - Sears Point Retro T-Shirt - One vintage Sears Point International Raceway T-Shirt. (x500)

Winners: Click Here For Winners

13-Jan - INDYCAR Two-Seat Ride - One ride in an INDYCAR two-seater at the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma race weekend. (x2)

Winners: Gary McKinney, Steve Gray

14-Jan - Yokohama - Free Set of Yokohama Tires. (x1)

Winner: Donna Hall

15-Jan - Vegas Road Trip - Trip for two to NHRA at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Includes tickets, airfare, and hotel. (x1)

Winner: Mike Megown

16-Jan - NASCAR Open Garage - Open access to explore the Sprint Cup garage on NASCAR Friday. (x400)

Winners: Click Here for Winners

17-Jan - Helicopter Ride to the Track - Hitch a ride to the track just like the drivers do, in a helicopter! Good for NASCAR Sunday. (x3)

Winners: Tim Christensen, Marlene Miller, David Boynton

18-Jan - Access to Winner's Circle - Invitation to Wine Country Winner's Circle for post-race celebrations. Two passes will be given to two winnersper race at NASCAR, NHRA, or INDYCAR. (x12)

Winners: Anthony Bivens, Herman Bruder, Joseph Hamdorf, Bob Hackbarth,
Don Brown, Vincent Ceballos, Jim Skinkle, Denise McLoughlin, Roger Rubel,
 Ed Campbell, Sara Schrader, Allison Perry

19-Jan - NHRA Hauler Tour - Special hauler tour for two on NHRA Sonoma Nationals race weekend. (x5)

Winners: John Darby, Larry Leclerc, Yvette Guy, Joe Schafer, Robert Lynski

20-Jan - NASCAR Cold Pit Passes - Cold Pit passes for two on Toyota/Save Mart 350 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race weekend. (x100)

Winners: Click Here for Winners

21-Jan - Limo Ride to the Races - Arrive at the races in style. The official limo service provider of Sonoma Raceway will be at your service! (x3)

Winners: Keith Nofield, Skip Harrison, John Ranacis

22-Jan - Save Mart Gift Cards - $100 Gift cards to Save Mart or Lucky Stores. (x10)

Winners: Dan Gustafson, Jennifer Green, Patrick Leman, Anthony Schroeder,
Phill Eschle, Theresa Clark, Tom Bouslog, Heather Kelnhofer, Gia Sauer, Doug Pehan

23-Jan - Tour De Charity - One free participant in the NHRA Tour de Charity karting event at the Sonoma Raceway karting center. (x1)

Winners: Guy Estrada

24-Jan - Driver Intros Ride Along - Ride around the track with an INDYCAR driver moments before the start of the Race. (x2)

Winners: Janet Williams, Norman Swanberg

25-Jan - Sears Point Retro T-Shirt - One vintage Sears Point International Raceway T-Shirt (x500)

Winners: Click Here

26-Jan - NASCAR Hot Pass - The ultimate pass for NASCAR. Two hot garage passes during Toyota/Save Mart 350 race weekend. (x5)

Winners: Debbi Koster, Patricia Enos, Kathy Mcgaughey
Jonathan Hensley, Barbara Singer 

27-Jan - GoPro Camera - GoPro camera and gift pack. (x1)

Winners: Gary Beerbower

28-Jan - INDYCAR at Texas Motor Speedway - Trip for two to the 2014 Firestone 600 at Texas Motor Speedway. Includes tickets, airfare, and hotel. (x1)

Winners: Jeff Longcrier