Tony Kanaan:

Sonoma RacewayWhat are some things IndyCar fans can be excited about in 2015?

Tony Kanaan: The cars are faster and look faster! The addition of the Chevy and Honda aero kits is a big deal for us drivers, but it's also a big deal for the fans that now can differentiate the engine manufacturers by the looks of the cars     

SRHow do you feel about the double points scoring system for the finale here at Sonoma?

TK: You have to be consistent the whole year to be in the position to challenge for the championship at the end, but make no mistake, the last round counts double and that should keep everyone on their toes.

SR: Do you have a memorable moment at Sonoma Raceway?

TK: Sure, winning in 2005 and doing one-hand push-ups after getting out of the car!

SR: Thoughts on the new aero kit after testing at Barber?

TK: I really like it. There is a lot of downforce generated by the new aero package which makes the cars go faster around the turns. Now it's just a matter of finding the fine-tuning for each track.

SR: From a race fans perspective, what makes racing at Sonoma so special?

TK: It's a beautiful track that gives the fans a really cool and different perspective of the race. Also, the atmosphere is great and the place is always packed with fans.

Don't miss Tony Kanaan and the rest of the Verizon IndyCar drivers here for the season finale at the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma! See the champion crowned in Wine Country by purchasing tickets at or by calling (800) 870-7223.