What are some things IndyCar fans can be excited about in 2015?

"I think it's going to be really cool to have the final race of the season on a road course, especially Sonoma. That completely changes your strategy for that race because you don't have 500 miles on an oval to make up for any mistakes. You have to be spot on for qualifying, practice, everything."

How do you feel about the double points scoring system for the finale here at Sonoma? 

"Double points are very exciting. I think all of us agree they are a good way to make our series a bit different from other series in this country. However, it can cause some serious heartburn when you are in the racecar. Every mistake that is made and any feel you have that doesn't seem right is magnified because a bad race can ruin your whole season when it's for double points."

Do you have a memorable moment at Sonoma Raceway? 

"When I made the move to NASCAR at the end of the 2006 Formula 1 season. I had no experience at Sonoma at all. And then I go there for the first time in 2007 for the Cup Series race and we qualifying 32nd, which kind of backed up the point that I had no experience there and it was my first road course race in a big, heavy stock car. But we had a good car and worked some strategy and there we were in Victory Lane. That was pretty unbelievable."

Thoughts on the new aero kit?

"The first thing I will say is that they are physically way more demanding than the old car, which was demanding itself. But they are really impressive to drive. If they can produce racing as good as we had it last year, while bringing the identity back to the manufacturers, then this will be a homerun for the series."

From a race fans perspective, what makes racing at Sonoma so special?

"Sonoma is just an action-packed racetrack. It's pretty technical, but at the same time it's racy. It's going to be a phenomenal place to end the season."