STP Wednesday Night Drags Results (July 13)
By Jim McCombe

The STP Wednesday Night Drags returned to the Infineon Raceway drag strip, July 13, with action in seven classes, as well as racing in the Top the Cops™ division.

It was a evening full of surprises mixed in with some drama involving the final points race of the Top The Cop run off's. Fairfield Police Department Officer Rob Marin and Sonoma County Deputy Tim Wright had been battling back and forth all season long to determine who would be the eventual winner for the best reaction time award coming into the final evening in the points series. One week earlier, Marin posted a .018 reaction time and appeared to be in the driver’s seat with one event remaining.

Right from the start during their practice timed runs, both drivers were on their game, but the real test would come in the first round of eliminations when they were matched up against area high school students. Deputy Tim Wright set things in motion and sealed the deal and posted a near perfect .001 RT in his victory over a red lighting Dean Pekarek of San Marin High. Right behind was Officer Marin, who had very little to work with and had to be perfect on the start in his race against Michael Norrbom of Sonoma High, who was making his Infineon Raceway debut. Unfortunately for Marin, he ended up fouling with a -.108 RT sending Norrbom on for the win and the only victory of the evening recorded by the high school students.

Officer Amy Yardley of the Novato Police Department was able to come from behind and score a win over Brandon Pirinkian of San Marin High, which was followed by CHP Officer Jaret Paulson's victory over Vintage High School-standout Chelsea Murdock, who fouled out.

Steve Caldwell, who was celebrating his 50th Birthday, took the STP Wednesday Night Drags championship trophy in the Comp Rod class and was joined in the winners circle with other class winners including Jack Nilson (Jack Pot), Doug Love (Motorcycle), Doug McCay (Sport Street), Brian Kam (Street), Chelsea Murdock (High School) and Craig Love ( Gear Jammers).

The next STP Wednesday Night event will be on August 3 and will be carried live on starting around 4 PM PDT. The NHRA Division 7 Drag Races, presented by Korbel, kick off back-to-back weekends of professional drag racing at Infineon Raceway, July 22-24. The following weekend, the FRAM Autolite NHRA Nationals returns to Sonoma, with racing in Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle.  For more information, visit

Below are the complete final round results including semi finalists for each of the seven contested classes.

Top The Cops
Winner: Deputy Tim Wright (Sonoma Co. Sheriff's Office) 06 Ford  .001 RT 16.757 ET (16.53 dial in) 79.79 mph
Runner-up: Dean Pekarek (San Marin HS) 93 Mustang  foul -.281 RT 14.716 (14.05) 99.53

Winner: Michael Norrbom (Sonoma High School) 79 Camaro .045 RT 17.607 (17.84) 78.24
Runner-up: Officer Rob Marin (Fairfield PD) 02 Ford  foul -.108 RT 16.450 (16.30) 84.73

Winner: Officer Amy Yardley (Novato PD) 07 Ford Expedition .414 RT 17.138 (17.17) 79.82
Runner-up: Brandon Pirinjian (San Marin HS) 99 Honda .597 RT 17.650 break out (17.77) 76.60

Winner: Officer Jaret Paulson (CHP) 10 Ford .116 RT 17.264 (17.09) 80.63
Runner-up: Chelsea Murdock (Vintage HS) 57 Chevy Truck  foul -.067 RT 12.603 (12.57) 103.82

Comp Rod
Winner: Steve Caldwell (American Canyon) 74 Dart .184 RT 10.280 (10.17) 110.63
Runner-up: Joe Rossi (Napa) 67 Firebird .017 RT 10.947 break out (11.01) 119.38

Semi Finals: Jorge Valencia (Santa Rosa) 75 Luv Truck
Mitch Gately (Petaluma) 64 Nova

Jack Pot
Winner: Jack Nilson (Redwood City) 63 Nova .030 RT 10.563 (10.55) 125.54
Runner-up: Don Creed (Santa Rosa) 74 Nova  foul -.020 RT 11.420 (11.41) 115.35

Semi Finals: Mark Scheuer (Santa Rosa) 83 Mustang

Winner: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph .024 RT 13.084 (12.98) 92.89
Runner-up: Joe Sisk (Hayward) 08 Suzuki .157 RT 10.109 break out (10.19) 134.98

Semi Finals: Richie Love (San Rafael) 90 Kawasaki

Sport Street
Winner: Doug McCay (Rodeo) 11 Ford Truck .101 RT 14.931 (15.05) 91.86
Runner-up: Rick Mcllmoil (Newark) 90 Toyota  foul -.005 RT 13.656 (13.66) 100.06

Semi Finals: Jason Frantz (Concord) 97 Volvo

Winner: Brian Kam (Pacifica) 98 Camaro .041 RT 13.009 (13.07) 105.86
Runner-up: Vicente Beltran (Richmond) 97 Camaro .060 RT 13,685 break out (13.80) 104.43

Semi Finals: Brad Bowen (Novato) 94 Mustang GT

High School
Winner: Chelsea Murdock (Napa) 57 Chevy Truck .042 RT 12.723 (12.57) 90.24
Runner-up: Brandon Pirinjian (Novato) 99 Honda Civic .305 RT 17.752 (17.63) 76.25

Semi Finals: Dean Pekarek (Novato) 93 Mustang
Mike Norrbom (Sonoma) 79 Camaro 

Gear Jammers
Winner: Craig Love (Santa Rosa) 93 Mustang .128 RT 11.968 (11.67) 92.06
Runner-up: Chris Hislop (American Canyon) 89 Honda .116 RT 16.072 (15.63) 88.78

Semi Finals: Steve Jaslovsky (San Jose) 06 Mustang
Brian Dito (Vacaville) 10 Camaro