Pintos. Maseratis. Vegas.

You'll see these models and more when the wild and wacky world of the 24 Hours of Lemons takes over Infineon Raceway, Oct. 22-23. The best part is a portion of the proceeds from the race weekend will again benefit Speedway Children’s Charities, the charitable arm of Infineon Raceway.

If you’re expecting throaty stock cars or high-performance open-wheel machines, forget it! This endurance road-racing series, which has 24 events coast-to-coast in 2011, was founded on a particularly bad idea: all cars must be bought and prepared for no more than $500.

“America is the land of opportunity — all you need is one bad idea,” quipped Jay Lamm, Chief Perpetrator of the 24 Hours of LeMons.

You will see everything from VW Bugs to stretch limousines to whatever your mind can imagine, provided it makes the $500 cut. Race officials? They often wear powdered wigs. Race purse? The winner is paid in a sack full of nickels ($1,500 to be exact).

Spectator tickets are $20 per day or $30 for the weekend, which includes all access!  For more information on this wild and wacky series, visit