SONOMA, Calif. (June 5, 2011) – Bay Area drivers posted four victories on Sunday at the 2nd annual Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival at Infineon Raceway.

Larkspur’s Art Hebert claimed his second consecutive class victory in Sonoma piloting his 1963 Lola.  Hebert started from the pole in Group 5A and led flag to flag in the 10-lap main event for 1955-1964 Formula Cars.

Other Bay Area winners on Sunday included Alamo’s Jeff Abramson, San Francisco’s Danny Baker (1977 McLaren, Group 6A, 1966-1974 Historic Formula One Cars) and San Jose’s Chad Raynal (1969 Camaro, Group 7A).  Raynal led only the final two laps of the 10-lap event for 1966-1972 Historic Trans-Am Cars.

Abramson took the lead on lap 2 and never looked back to take the checkers in the Group 1A (1955-1962 GT Cars) main event.  It marked Abramson’s second Infineon Raceway victory behind the wheel of his 1959 Morgan.

“It was fantastic.  After starting fourth, working my way to first made it an exciting race,” said Abramson, who previously won in Sonoma in 2009.  “Especially racing in the wet, I had so much fun.”

Chris MacAllister, who splits time between Sonoma and Indianapolis, went wire-to-wire for the win in the 11-lap Group 5B feature for 1966-1974 Historic Can-Am Cars.  MacAllister (1971 McLaren) battled with Yountville’s Steve Cook (1968 McLaren) before claiming the lead for good on lap 5.  McLaren was the featured marque of the event.  

Sunday’s action culminated a great weekend of racing on the 12-turn, 2.52-mile road course. There was competition in 13 divisions over the two days, with nearly 400 entrants.

Other winners on Sunday included Rob Manson (Group 2A, 1952 Schaghticoke, Barcelona); Byron Sanborn (Group 3A, 1965 Elva, Medina, Wash.); John Morton (Group 4A, 1964 Sunbeam Tiger, El Segundo); Peter Greenfield (Group 1B, 1935 Alfa Romeo, Freeport, NY); Don Orosco (Group 2B, 1958 Lotus, Monterey); Paul Quackenbush (Group 3B, 1963 Lotus, Grass Valley); Bert Skidmore (Group 4B, 1976 Lola, Sparks, Nev.) and Peter Baljet (Group 6B, 1990 Beretta, Duncan, BC).  

Sonoma Historics Motorsports Festival

SONOMA, Calif. – Top-5 results Sunday from the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival at Infineon Raceway. All races were contested on Infineon Raceway’s 12-turn, 2.52-mile road course. Car and hometown in parentheses:

GROUP 1A (1955-1962 GT Cars)
1. Jeff Abramson (1959 Morgan, Alamo); 2. Leonard Turnbeaugh (1958 Porsche, Markleeville); 3. Brian Howlett (1961 Morgan, Hacienda Heights); 4. Tom Nuxoll (1959 Sebring, Redmond, Wash.); 5. Ranson Webster (1960 Porsche, Reno).

GROUP 2A (1949-1955 Sports Racing & GT Cars)
1. Rob Manson (1952 Schaghticoke, Barcelona); 2. John Buddenbaum (1949 Jaguar, Sunnyvale); 3. Noel Park (1955 Corvette, Rancho Palos Verdes); 4. David Nelson (1955 Triumph, Geyserville); 5. Graham Smith (1950 Allard, Melbourne, Aus.).

GROUP 3A (1960-1965 Sports Racing Cars)
1. Byron Sanborn (1965 Elva, Medina, Wash.); 2. Michael Summers (1962 Lotus, N. Sacramento); 3. David Jacobs (1964 McLaren, Boulder, Col.); 4. Stevan Dana (1963 Elva, Las Vegas); 5. Jim Roth (1962 Lotus, Palos Verdes Estate).

GROUP 4A (1963-1966 GT Cars over 2500cc)
1. John Morton (1964 Sunbeam, El Segundo); 2. Kris Matheson (1966 Shelby, Meadow Vista); 3. Tom Fry (1966 Shelby, Morgan Hill); 4. Grant Lipsky (1965 Sunbeam, Fox Field, Col.); 5. Ron Tredway (1965 Shelby, Oakdale).

GROUP 5A (1955-1964 Formula Cars (F-Jr, F2, F1/GP))
1. Art Hebert (1963 Lola, Larkspur); 2. Danny Baker (1963 Lotus, San Francisco); 3. Chris Locke (1963 Lotus, San Anselmo); 4. Douglas Mocket (1961 Cooper, Christiansted, USVI); 5. Robert Hoemke (1962 Cooper, Abilene, Tex.).

GROUP 6A (1966-1974 Historic Formula One Cars)
1. Danny Baker (1977 McLaren, San Francisco); 2. Steve Cook (1974 March, Yountville); 3. Douglas Mocket (1976 Penske, Christiansted, USVI); 4. Scott Drnek (1970 McLaren, Hayward); 5. Robert Baker (1973 McLaren, Sun Valley, Ida.).

GROUP 7A (1966-1972 Historic Trans-Am Cars)
1. Chad Raynal (1969 Camaro, San Jose); 2. Forrest Straight (1970 Boss Mustang, Mountain View); 3. Craig Conley (1970 Boss, Rancho Santa Fe); 4. Jim Hague (1972 Javelin, Santa Clara); 5. Gary Bennett (1969 Javelin, Scottsdale, Ariz.).

GROUP 1B (1911-1926 & 1927-1949 Sport and Racing Cars)
1. Peter Greenfield (1935 Alfa Romeo, Freeport, NY); 2. Jon Shirley (1934 Alfa Romeo, Medina, Wash.); 3.Jim Stranberg (1949 Talbot, Berthound, Co.); 4. Andrew Larson (1927 Bugatti, Boulder, Co.); 5. Bill Lyon (1927 Bugatti, Newport Beach).

GROUP 2B (1955-1960 Sports Racing Cars)
1. Donald Orosco (1958 Lotus, Monterey); 2. Chris Orosco (1959 Lola, Monterey); 3. Edward Nigro (1960 Lola, Kirkland, Wash.); 4. Thor Johnson (1959 Lotus, Kirkland, Wash.); 5. David Swig (1957Monsteratti, Sausalito).

GROUP 3B (1962-1967 GT Cars under 2500cc)
1. Paul Quackenbush (1963 Lotus, Grass Valley); 2. Andre Lara (1963 Lotus, Sao Paulo, Brazil); 3. Tom Claridge (1964 Ginetta, Los Gatos); 4. Herb Wetanson (1961 Lotus, New York); 5. Robert Forbes (1964 Ginetta, Emerald Hills).

GROUP 4B (1966-1980 FIA Makes & IMSA GT Cars)
1. Bert Skidmore (1976 Lola, Sparks, Nev.); 2. Dwight Matheson (1973 Chevron, Meadow Vista); 3. Todd Smathers (1973 Lola, Pleasanton); 4. Stephen Harris (1979 Porsche, Schallstadt-Mengen); 5. Ranson Webster (1976 Porsche, Reno, Nev.).

GROUP 5B (1966-1974 Historic Can-Am Cars)
1. Chris MacAllister (1971 McLaren, Indianapolis); 2. Steve Cook (Yountville, 1968 McLaren); 3. Roger Williams (1970 McLaren, Auckland, NZ); 4.Scott Drnek (1974 Sting, Hayward); 5. Carl Moore (1968 McLaren, Alamo).

GROUP 6B (1981-1991 IMSA GTO & Trans-Am Cars)
1. Peter Baljet (1990 Beretta, Duncan, BC); 2. John Morton (1986 Roush Mustang, El Segundo); 3. Ron Tribble (1986 Chevrolet Camaro, Roseburg, Ore.); 4. Chris Liebenberg (1986 Mercury Merkur, Boyerton, Pa.); 5. Gordon Gimbel (1986 Mustang, Roseville).