Wednesday nights. Sideways cars. Screeching Tires. White Smoke. All this can only mean one thing: the return of Sonoma Drift.

Sonoma Drift runs in conjunction with the weekly Wednesday Night Drags program, providing a safe, legal and controlled environment in which professionals and amateurs can perfect their drifting skills. Drifting is a high-skill motor sport that calls for drivers to control a high-horsepower car while it slides sideways at high speeds through a marked course. This is a sport where drivers are judged on style and execution rather than who finishes with the fastest time.

Each week, racers will drift on a specially-designed course in the Sonoma Raceway paddock area. Entries can range anywhere from the style and curves of a Nissan 350z to the pure power of American-made muscle cars. All cars must pass a simple technical inspection before drifting begins at 4 p.m. Entrance is $10 for spectators. Drivers registration is $40 for pre-registration, $50 at the gate. Every driver must register separately.

Just Added:

Starting 10/26, bring 4 non-perishable food items to a Sonoma Drift event at the front gate, and receive a voucher for one free spectator, for use in 2017!

Word Up Wednesdays

Back for 2016, select Wednesdays will be branded Word Up Wednesdays, presented by Fatlace. Headquartered in San Mateo, Fatlace will have a monthly presence at the track with its sponsored cars and display.  The highlight of Word Up Wednesdays will be Red Baron Fun Competitions. The Fun Comps will highlight the more casual side of drifting, with competitions such as wall rides, table contests, backwards entries and more. Prizes include various types of safety equipment provided by Red Baron Racing.

Winter Jam Tickets now on Sale!

Dec. 17-18. *Spectators may purchase admission for $10 at the gate

Basic 2 Day Registration

- $150

- option for competitor or not

2 Day Registration with suit/helmet/neck collar

- $356

- option for competitor or not

- size of helmet (all matte black PRO15 Snell SA2015 Full Face Helmets)

- size of suit (all black SFI-1 Single Layer Suits)

- comes with neck collar in black

2 Day Registration with neck collar

Racequip 360° SFI Rated Helmet Support Collar

- $176

- option for competitor or not

- comes with neck collar in black