The STP Wednesday Night Drags, Nov. 9, saw some of the best racing action of the year due to the much cooler November temperatures, which served as Mother Nature’s supercharger. Many racers obtained all time-bests due to great track conditions, mid 50-degree temperatures and no head winds to contend with.

San Jose's Steve Jaslovsky continued his reign in the Gear Jammer class and added another trophy to his collection making it four wins in a row. For the second straight week, it was Martinez’ Dwayne King, who had to settle for the runner-up spot.

Sonoma high school student Brian Hurley scored his first-ever class win beating out fellow teammate Mike Norrbom in the High School class final. Other class winners included Doug Love (Motorcycle), Mitch Gately (Comp Rod), Doug McCay (Sport Street), and John Terry (Street)

Next week (Nov. 16) will be the final STP Wednesday Night Drags race of the 2011 season. The final STP Bracket Drags event will be held on Sunday, Nov. 27. Fans at home can follow these events on

With the Thanksgiving Food Drive in full swing, we are seeking food donations to help out the needy and less fortunate. Drag racers and spectators who bring four or more non-perishable items next Wednesday night, Nov. 16, can drop them off at the front gate and receive a $10 voucher good for any STP Wednesday Night Drags race in 2012.

For more information on the Thanksgiving Food Drive, which runs until Nov. 18, CLICK HERE. For more information about Infineon Raceway drag racing programs, call 800-870-7223 or CLICK HERE.

Below are the final round results including semi finalists for each of the six classes:

Winner: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph 01 .052 RT 12.991 ET (12.94 dial in) 95.70 mph
Runner-up: DeQuincey Zenon (Oakland) 04 GSXR Suzuki .116 RT 10.541 (10.10) 132.32
Seminfinalist: Cory Manalani (Petaluma) 06 Harley

Comp Rod
Winner: Mitch Gately (Petaluma) 64 Nova .000 RT 10.803 (10.85) 124.66
Runner-up: Joe Rossi (Napa) 67 Firebird  foul -.051 RT 14.247 (10.86) 68.06
Semi Finals: Matt Brians (Petaluma) 68 Camaro and Dan Brown (Napa) 70 Camaro

Sport Street
Winner: Doug McCay (Rodeo) 011 Ford F 150 .067 RT 14.804 (14.95) 92.95
Runner-up: Nick Bublitz (Concord) 89 Honda Accord  foul .-005 RT 18.451 (18.65) 73.25
Seminfinalist: Jason Frantz (Concord) 97 Volvo 850

Winner: John Terry (Rodeo) 70 Nova .050 RT 14.282 (14.34) 95.73
Runner-up: Scott Sterley (San Rafael) 71 Camaro .057 RT 11.834 break out (11.90) 109.10
Seminfinalist: Robert Ward (Concord) 67 Dodge Charger

High School
Winner: Brian Hurley (Sonoma) 67 Mustang .085 RT 19.956 (20.00) 64.09
Runner-up: Mike Norrbom (Sonoma) 79 Camaro .004 RT 18.838 break out (19.00) 66.29

Gear Jammers
Winner: Steve Jaslovsky (San Jose) 06 Mustang .066 RT 13.071 (12.48) 104.18
Runner-up: Dewayne King (Martinez) 60 Corvette .316 RT 13.071 (12.70) 108.28
Semi Finals: Johnny Rice (Santa Rosa) 08 Evo