STP Wednesday Night Drags Results (May 30)

By Jim McCombe

The STP Wednesday Night Drags returned to Sonoma on May 30.

Santa Rosa’s Eddie Kucker returned to the winner’s circle after a year long hiatus. The likable Kucker and his MP Motorsports/Juggers Racing 37 Ford Coupe edged out Fairfield's Ron Manley and his Camp Quest 68 Camaro in the hotly contested Comp Rod class.

In an evening of upsets, it would be a pair of first time finalists that decided the Gear Jammer class trophy. Novato's Page Verger got the nod on the starting line after Forestville's John Bellows left a bit early, drawing a red light.

Other winners included Doug Love (Motorcycle), Nick Bublitz (Sport Street), Kevin D'Adamo (Street) and Michaela Rossi (High School).

Due to lack of entries, the Jack Pot class was not contested.

The STP Wednesday Night Drags in Sonoma will return next week on June 6 and will be carried live on www.1320go.dom starting at 4 p.m. PST.

Listed below are the complete final round results including semifinalists for each class:

Comp Rod

Winner: Eddie Kucker (Santa Rosa) 37 Ford .037 RT 11.709 ET (11.69 dial in) 112.15 mph

Runner-up: Ron Manley (Fairfield) 68 Camaro .126 RT 10.878 break out (10.90) 128.65

Semi Finals: Joe Piazza (Novato) 50 Chevy

Comp Rod

Winner: Page Verger (Novato) 92 Mustang .038 RT 14.921 (14.70) 92.78

Runner-up: John Bellows (Forestville) 86 Mustang foul -.038 RT 14.176 (13.15) 100.06

Semi Finals: Nick Davantes (San Rafael) 98 Mustang


Winner: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph .002 RT 13.009 (13.04) 101.13

Runner-up: Craig Love (Santa Rosa) 91 Kawasaki

Semi Finals: Darin Pescio (Napa) 02 Suzuki

Sport Street

Winner: Nick Bublitz (Concord) 89 Honda .038 RT 18.532 (18.40) 66.70

Runner-up: Steve Del Buono Jr. (Vallejo) 05 Kia .287 RT 17.932 break out (17.96) 76.53

Semi Finals: Don Waltenspiel (Santa Rosa) 92 GMC Cyklone 


Winner: Kevin D'Adamo (Napa) 09 Pontiac .014 RT 13.112 (13.11) 105.48

Runner-up: Scott Sterley (San Rafael) 71 Camaro  foul -.008 RT 12.067 (12.04) 105.75

Semi Finals: Fred Scheuing (Sonoma) 55 Chevy

High School

Winner: Michaela Rossi (Napa) 96 Mercedes .290 RT 16.739 (16.72) 82.75

Runner-up: Kyle Pitta (Benicia) 99 Honda .172 RT 18.438 (18.30) 73.84

Semi Finals: Robbie Arthur (Cloverdale) 02 Lexus