STP Wednesday Night Drags Results (May 4)
By Jim McCombe

Warm weather and a fast racing surface provided a perfect setting for another great evening of racing under the lights for the STP Wednesday Night Drags at Infineon Raceway, May 4.

Collecting class wins were Mike Mitchell (Jack Pot), Dave Jackson (Comp Rod), Kevin Wolzen (Sport Street, Cristian (Street), Chelsea Murdock (High School), Vince Cardinale (Gear Jammers) and Brian Jennings, who ended the four-race win streak of Doug Love in the Motorcycle class.

The high school students managed a draw in the Top the Cops run off's led by Marko Perivolaris who got the nod after Fairfield Police Officer Rob Marin fouled.

Novato Police Department officer Amy Yardley prevented the sweep with her win over Vintage High's Chelsea Murdock. Yardley also earned two bonus points for having the best reaction time with a .075 light, which was best among the law enforcement agency officers.

We originally announced that next week’s STP Wednesday Night Drags event was going to be a bike only event however, that has been changed and all cars and bikes are welcome to participate.

This event will be aired live on with air times starting right around 4 p.m.

Here are the final round pairings including semifinalists for each of the seven different contested classes.

Top The Cops
Winner: Marko Perivolaris (Petaluma) 94 Camaro .062 RT 13.477 ET (13.41 dial in) 101.03 mph
Runner-up: Officer Rob Marin (Fairfield PD) 06 Ford  foul -.024 RT 16.521 (16.42) 83.70

Winner: Officer Amy Yardley (Novato PD) 09 Ford .075 RT 16.773 (16.69) 84.02
Runner-up: Chelsea Murdock (Napa) 57 Chevy Truck .008 RT 13.020 (12.85) 96.69

Jack Pot
Winner: Mike Mitchell (St. Helena) 72 Vega .015 RT 10.903 (10.90) 114.01
Runner-up: Lisa Caldwell (American Canyon) 73 Dart .091 RT 10.218 break out (10.25) 126.60

Semi Finals: Mitch Whorton (Napa) 68 Pontiac

Comp Rod
Winner: Dave Jackson (American Canyon) 68 Mustang .046 RT 10.531 (10.42) 118.12
Runner-up: Roy Haas (Santa Rosa) 64 Nova .128 RT 11.764 (11.70) 109.11

Semi Finals: Javier Vasquez (Patterson) 91 Mustang and Sam Husary (Windsor) 65 Malibu

Sport Street
Winner: Kevin Wolzen (Santa Rosa) 90 Integra .124 RT 16.231 (16.29) 83.88
Runner-up: Larry Philpot (Glen Ellen) 04 Subaru .360 RT 13.355 break out (13.47) 101.49

Semi Finals: Doug McCay (Rodeo) 11 Ford Truck

Winner: Cristian Ventura (Santa Rosa) 00 Camaro .053 RT 12.601 (12.64) 109.89
Runner-up: Anthony Pelayo (Vacaville) 08 GMC Truck  foul -.072 RT 12.867 (12.94) 104.13

Semi Finals: Howard Johnson (American Canyon) 00 Ford truck and Rubicel Quintero (Modesto) 96 Camaro

High School
Winner: Chelsea Murdock (Napa) 57 Chevy Truck .043 RT 12.883 (12.85) 99.11
Runner-up: Marko Perilovaris (Petaluma) 94 Camaro .194 RT 13.372 break out (13.41) 101.44

Gear Jammers
Winner: Vince Cardinale (San Francisco) 89 Mustang .170 RT 12.588 (12.50) 111.10
Runner-up: Craig Love (Santa Rosa) 93 Mustang .091 RT 11.776 (11.60) 118.54

Semi Finals: Dave Pelayo (Fairfield) 08 Corvette

Winner: Brian Jennings (Martinez) 96 Harley .192 RT 14.849 (14.80) 87.09
Runner-up: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph  foul -.026 RT 13.160 (13.14) 98.15

Semi Finals: Harrison McGinard (Novato)   08 Yamaha