By Jim McCombe

After a two-week hiatus, the STP Wednesday Night Drags returned to center stage at Infineon Raceway on Wednesday, Aug. 31. 

The evening also marked the season finale for the Top The Cops program headed up by retired Santa Rosa police officer Kevin McKinnie.  This completed the programs’ 17th consecutive season in Sonoma.

The area High School students finally outscored the police officers, taking two out of three in their races with Fairfield police officer Rob Marin salvaging the lone win for the law enforcement agency officers.  A special thanks to all of the participating officers and their departments for their support of this unique program, which allows high school students to race police officers in a safe and controlled environment and away from illegal and dangerous street racing.

In a evening of upsets and surprises, first-time drag racer Dewayne King of Martinez drove his dad's classic 1960 Corvette to a huge win in the Gear Jammers Division.  Novato's John Victorino claimed his first win with his 1972 Datsun roadster that he purchased last year and went the distance in the Comp Rod class.

For many, tonight's race served as a tune up for Monday's Labor Day Summit ET Bracket Drags points race, which will be the last in the 2011 series.  For complete details, visit For those who want to pit early, parking will begin on Sunday evening at 5 p.m.  For Monday's race, gates open at 7 a.m. with time runs slated for 8:30 a.m.  This event will be carried live with both audio and video starting at 8 a.m. on  

Here are the final-round pairings and results, including semi finalists, for each category:

Top The Cops 
Winner: Parker Nirenstein (Redwood HS) 06 BMW .102 RT 15.346 ET (15.29 dial in) 92.32 mph
Runner-up: Deputy Tim Wright (Sonoma Co. Sheriff's Office) 09 Ford  foul -.114 RT 16.925 (16.75) 82.70

Winner: Christian Hess (San Leandro) 93 Honda Civic .023 RT 16.377 (16.09) 67.98
Runner-up: Officer Gail Hill (Fairfield PD) 04 Ford .443 RT 16.893 (16.82) 82.53

Winner: Officer Rob Marin (Fairfield PD) 02 Ford .227 RT 16.564 (16.43) 75.82
Runner-up: Mike Norrbom (Sonoma) 79 Camaro .028 RT 19.000 (18.40) 73.92

Winner: Vince Cardinale (San Francisco) 82 Capri .084 RT 13.086 (13.06) 93.75
Runner-up: Brad Bowen (Novato) 94 Mustang GT .082 RT 15.235 (15.15) 89.30
Semi Finals: Barrie Beffa (Santa Rosa) 93 Mustang; Scott Sterley (San Rafael) 71 Camaro

Sport Street 
Winner: Doug McCay (Rodeo) 11 Ford Truck .001 RT 15.119 (15.08) 83.90
Runner-up: John Terry (Rodeo) 04 Honda .108 RT 18.263 break out (18.29) 74.29
Semi Finals: Rick Mcllmoil (Newark) 90 Toyota

High School 
Winner: Chelsea Murdock (Napa) 57 Chevy truck .006 RT 12.567 (12.69) 103.00
Runner-up: Martin Esparza (Vallejo) 91 Ford Fiesta  foul -.016 RT 15.938 (15.99) 82.96
Semi Finals: Parker Nikenstein (Tiburon) 06 BMW

Winner: Toey Nou (Novato) 07 GSXR Suzuki .076 RT 10.316 (10.15) 127.73
Runner-up: Curtis Fluitt (Pinole) 91 FXR Harley .153 RT 12.958 (12.70) 103.9
Semi Finals: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph

Gear Jammers
Winner: Dewayne King (Martinez) 60 Corvette .364 RT 13.527 (13.45) 102.34
Runner-up: Anthony Fenney (Rohnert Park) 02 Ford .175 RT 17.431 (17.00) 84.12
Semi Finals: Aaron Ceracy (Napa) 86 BMW; John Bellows (Forestville) 86 Mustang

Comp Rod 
Winner: John Victorino (Novato) 72 Datsun .040 RT 11.477 110.71
Runner-up: Willie Woo (Moraga) 84 Corvette .069 RT 10.696 125.37
Semi Finals: N/A

Jack Pot 
Winner: Mike Eling (Rohnert Park) 65 El Camino .042 RT 11.965 (11.75) 100.63
Runner-up: JJ Iacovello (Sonoma) 71 Camaro .145 RT 13.326 (13.20) 98.04
Semi Finals: Lisa Caldwell (American Canyon) 73 Dodge Dart; Mike Mitchell (St. Helena) 72 Vega