STP Wednesday Night Drag Racing Results (Nov. 2)

By Jim McCombe


Only two events are left on the 2011 STP Wednesday Night Drags schedule, but Nov. 2 was a breakthrough evening for three racers who claimed their first class wins.  First-time winners included Modesto's Rubicel Quintero (Street), Richmond's Tracy Brooks (Sport Street) and Dixon's Chloe Macael in High School.


San Jose’s Steve Jaslovsky pulled off a hat trick and made it three straight after dropping Dwayne King of Martinez in the Gear Jammer final.  For Jaslovsky, it was a emotional victory as he the win fell was  his best friend Lars Edeen’s birthday. 


“Today he would have been 41,” said Jaslovsky.  “He passed Sept 11, 1998 in a trike accident while I was away in the Air Force and stationed in Panama.”


Below are the final round results including semi finalists for each contested class.

Please note that Jack Pot was not run due to lack of sufficient entries.



Winner: Doug Love (Novato) 01 Triumph .027 RT 13.032 ET (12.95 dial in) 96.77 mph

Runner-up: Pete Onopko (Concord) 94 Harley .221 RT 10.984 (10.98) 114.52

Semi Finals: Ehribtan Iran (Hercules) 02 Husky; Richie Love (San Rafael) 90 Kawasaki


High School

Winner:  Chloe Macael (Dixon) 96 Dodge .645 RT 19.527 (19.00) 72.88

Runner-up: Mike Norrbom (Sonoma) 79 Camaro  foul -.020 RT 17.673 (17.45) 79.58

Semi Finals: Brian Hurley (Sonoma) 67 Mustang; Michaela Rossi (Napa) 06 Mercedes


Gear Jammers

Winner: Steve Jaslovsky (San Jose) 06 Mustang .053 RT 12.772 (12.55) 104.64

Runner-up: Dwayne King (Martinez) 60 Corvette .245 RT 12.842 (12.80) 107.66

Semi Finals: Omar Santacruz (Madera) 04 Mustang


Comp Rod

Winner: Jessica Opperman (Napa) 69 Camaro .026 RT 10.756 (10.73) 123.67

Runner-up: Jack Nilson (Redwood City) 85 Olds .021 RT 11.147 (11.11) 118.69

Semi Finals: Joe Piazza (Novato) 50 Chevy; Dave Jackson (American Canyon) 68 Mustang



Winner: Rubicel Quintero (Modesto) 05 Nissan .012 RT 15.956 (15.95) 84.86

Runner-up: Mike Scheuer (Napa) 72 Olds .135 RT 12.325 break out (12.34) 107.25

Semi Finals: Vince Cardinale (San Francisco) 82 Mercury Capri


Sport Street

Winner: Tracy Brooks (Richmond) 92 Tempo .377 RT 19.562 (19.51) 67.92

Runner-up: Christian Hess (San Leandro) 93 Honda .082 RT 15.947 break out (16.06) 78.08

Semi Finals: Doug McCay (Rodeo) 11 Ford F-150 truck