Bay Area drivers posted six victories on Sunday at the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival at the raceway in Sonoma.

San Francisco’s Danny Baker and Alamo’s Jeff Abramson continued their winning ways, each posting dominating victories in their respective classes. Both drivers also claimed wins in Sonoma last year.

Baker piloted his 1963 Lotus to the top spot for Group 2 (1956-1963 Formula Cars), while Abramson took first place in his 1966 Lotus for Group 3 (1956-1963 Sports Racing Cars).  Both drivers lead from wire to wire, after topping qualifying on Saturday.  Abramson also claimed a win in his 1959 Morgan in Group 5 (1955-1962 Production/GT Cars).

Other Bay Area winners on Sunday included Santa Clara’s Jim Hague (1972 Ford Gran Torino, Group 4, 1963-1973 Grand National Stock Cars); Sausalito’s Paddins Dowling (1939 Maserati, Group 8, 1925-1941 Racing Cars); and San Jose’s Chad Raynal (1969 Camaro, Group 4, 1966-1972 Historic Trans-Am Cars).

Comedian/actor Adam Carolla competed in Group 11 (1962-1966 Production/GT Cars) and finished 17th. Carolla, who won the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix of Long Beach, piloted his 1971 Datsun BRE 510.

Other race winners were Pete Thelander (Group 1, 1934 MG, Westminster); John McKenna (1963 Cobra, Group 6, Auburn, Wash.); Peter Baljet (1990 Chevy Beretta, Group 7, Duncan, BC); Robert Manson (1952 Manning Special, Group 9, Carmel Valley); Edward Nigro (1960 Lola MK1, Group 10, Las Vegas); Ray Thompson (1964 Ginetta, Group 11, La Jolla); Ranson Webster (1976 Porsche, Group 12, Reno); Wade Carter (1972 McLaren, Group 13, Woodinville, Wash.); and Keith Frieser (1972 Lola, Group 15, Puyallup, Wash.).